About Me

You are always one decision away from a totally different life…….

Author unknown

I have lived the line wife life for 9 years now! I really feel that this is such a unique way of life that unless your married to a lineman most average families dont have quite the same experiences. This is not diminishing the taxing hours or hard work of other families who may have similar experiences. Just an accounting of my own lessons learned and memories made!

I am a homemaking enthusiast with a full time job, Step mom to a GORGEOUS red head, dog mama to Marlowe and Makers, my two mini schnauzers who stole my heart. I am neurotic, slightly or highly, and depending on who you ask prone to hypochondria. I prefer to be busy. I am a wine connoisseur, travel fanatic and wife to my own personal hero.

I hate to fly but I LOVE to travel. I would spend my life traveling the globe given the option. Though not an adrenaline junkie I definitely am up for an adventure. I have been fortunate in my young life to have experienced some incredible adventures. Some of my favorites include Kayaking in Barbados with my mom to swim with sea turtles, exploring the underground  catacombs in Paris with my sister, eating spicy hot hot sauce in New Orleans with my dad, and kayaking through a bioluminescent bay with my husband in St. Croix.

I started this blog on the encouragement of many people. Some close to me, some new to me. My goal is to share the adventure of my life with whomever is interested. So if you are, read on! If your not, scroll on!