Life in a 5th Wheel

In preparation for moving from a house to a 5th Wheel, I joined lots of Facebook groups. Groups for newbie’s, Groups for full time RV’ing, Groups for 5th wheels. You name it. I searched it, you tubed it, or pinterested it.

NONE of them warned me, or prepared me, for the unlikely event that you lock yourself out of said majestic 5th wheel. On the 3rd day of my first week at my brand new job, at 6:50 a.m. I lock myself out of the RV with my two dogs. I discover this tragedy at the end of our morning walk. I quickly in a panic run to the only other neighbor I’ve met  and bang on their door at crack of sunrise to beg to use their phone to call Brian. Two hours and $300 later a “lock smith”, more like a teenager with an electric drill arrives to break open my door for me. I rush in with the  dogs and finish getting ready for my brand new job which i’m incredibly late for at this point. Lesson learned to say the least. I was a disaster, crying and upset. But, you can guarantee I won’t get locked out again.

In fact here is a quick list I’ve compiled of life lessons learned in a fifth wheel.

1.) Always have extra propane- a suddenly cold shower, resulting in an unexpected squeal, will quickly alert all neighbors nearby that you are wet and freezing.

2.) It moves. Constantly. The dogs running makes the thing shake. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night feels like I’m on a boat and the waves are rocking the sides. Everyone walking sounds like and feels like a heard of elephants.

3.) Even when theres a group of big lineman over we all stood in my tiny 5th wheel kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home no matter how big or small.

4.) I miss my bathtub. I truly miss it. So the only other tragedy in the shower aside from running out of propane is having a grey tank that needs to be dumped so the water in the shower will drain.

5.) There is no dishwasher. Now I know for some of my friends ( you know who you are) that washes her dishes completely clean before putting them in the dishwasher this may not be a big deal for you.  BUT for me its the pits.

6.) You can hear everything. Your neighbors car doors shutting, their cars starting, their dogs barking, their conversations. And with this lack of noise privacy comes the realization that they can hear all of our noises too…. its a big loud community here.