New Job, New Commute, New… Everything

I remember people asking me as a child, what do you want to be when your grow up? I would loftily declare, a doctor! a veterinarian! When I first started dating my husband, his family members asked me “what do you do?” “what are you looking for in a husband?”  I can guarantee you my  tongue-in-cheek answer to be a “trophy wife” was not the appropriate one.  In all honesty I never imagined myself as a full-time working adult. I never thought I would have a real-job. A career. And honestly, it has never been important to me. Which considering I have had a job since I was 16 sounds quite contradictory to the work ethic I actually have. In reality, I could never be a stay at home wife. I have to work. I need somewhere to go and something to do. So through a string of career starts and stops life presented me with the opportunity to become a paralegal while working with my Attorney sister.

Working for your sister?! I know for most people this scenario would never work, but, for us it did. It not only worked, it flourished. We were un-stoppable together. An incredible team. So when this opportunity to move out to Cali presented itself the decision to leave the team I had created with my sister was monumental. Huge. I am still to early in to this chapter of my life to say if leaving was the right choice or not. The verdict is still out. Regardless, imagine my surprise, when I landed a job at a legit, real deal, big deal, huge law firm located in the heart of the financial district in downtown San Francisco. Not only am I now living in a new state and dealing with all those changes, I went from one attorney to 4, to being at the top of the ladder to being at the bottom, to living 15 minutes from my house, to moving 14 miles from my new job with a standard hour long (or more) commute home in the evenings.

My new job is overall not that much different from my job at home. The current hardships here are learning the rules of all the different courts and their local rules and calendaring deadlines. I am fortunate to work for a firm where everyone seems to be legit nice. I keep waiting for someone to show their true colors, but for real, everyone is nice. It makes me concerned that I am not actually genuinely nice enough to work here. I mean Im nice and all, but these people are like nice, nice.


My morning drive is my absolute favorite part of my day. My commute takes me up the side of Mount Tam part of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range which provides gorgeous views of the mountain and some scenic views of the bay when I come through Sausalito. The best part though?! Crossing the Golden Gate. Depending on the morning or evening the fog will roll in across the bay and just cover the mountain and the bridge creating a truly spectacular sight. While crossing the bridge you have the bay with all its busy traffic on one side and the wide open pacific on the other. The drama of the natural beauty creates for quite the scenic drive. My drive through the city is no less visually stunning to me.  Coming from a small town turned not so small town morning commute my drive here is nothing compared to what it was at home. I would still get stuck behind the occasional cement truck or horse trailer in the mornings. Here? I get stuck behind city buses and Teslas. For parts of my commute I drive through China Town- it is always so busy and bustling in the mornings. Then for the rest of my commute im in the downtown financial district. My job has the awesome perk of paying for my parking. My parking garage is amazing. Its all valet and the staff know me by name and greet me every morning and afternoon. I feel so important and urban. I love it!! After arriving I often have a few minutes to sit inside one of the many local coffee shops and enjoy my morning coffee while watching the busy commuters going to their unknown destinations. It is such a departure from my former commute. XH%gGnV1SZO3OPr81DU+JwOn days when I dont feel like driving I have the option of walking to the ferry and taking the ferry across the bay. If thats not a change from home I dont know what would be. Its pretty great. The ferry is so convenient, easy and relaxing. Often when coming into the bay you can see sea lions playing in the water near the ferry. All in all I think I am adjusting well. It will be interesting to see how my opinions and feelings change in the coming months.

Pictured  below: view of the Transamerica Building covered in fog.