Texas to California

First, let me provide you with a little background. This coming weekend my husband and I will have been married for 6 years. During those 6 years of marriage we have often talked, and joked,  about moving out to California for my husbands career. December 2017 Brian left for the US Virgin Islands to help with the power line recovery efforts on the islands that were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The hurricanes hit the islands so close together that the islanders refer to the hurricanes as Hurricane Irmaria. Brian was gone from December 2017 to March 2018. I was really lucky and got to go visit him a few times while he was out there.

So, when he started talking about going out to California again after so shortly returning home from the islands, my initial feelings were panic! NO! Not again! I was very much opposed and adamant about staying home. Plus, we had recently (2016) finished construction on my dream home. We literally built the house of my dreams and I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. I don’t want to leave it. EVER.

Fast forward to the end of summer at a Sunday brunch date at the Hubble and Hudson Kitchen in The Woodlands we had a very intense 1.5 hour long conversation/argument about the pros/cons of picking up and moving to Cali. Fast track again a few weeks later I went to Franklin, Texas to visit a drive through Safari with my Sister and nieces and nephews ( thats a whole other blog post). That evening Brian and I had tickets to go to the Miranda Lambert concert at The Pavilion. Upon returning home from the safari and getting ready for the concert, Brian got the word. THE WORD. The word that changed my future and threw me for a loop. There MAY be a position open out in San Francisco if he wanted to quit, and drive out there and hope there was a job for him. So, of course he says this is what were doing. We are going to quit our jobs and move out to Cali.

The next month of my life is a blur. We buy a fifth wheel, this thing is amazing. Its also outrageously expensive and cost the total price of some peoples actual houses. Then we had to buy a new truck to be able to pull this monster the 1900 miles from home to San Fran. Brian quits his job and we do all of this on the belief that there is work out in Cali and they are in desperate need of lineman. We start searching for some where to park this monster 5th wheel. Everywhere in Cali is on a waitlist for a long term rv site. We start putting our names on lists and crossing our fingers. To rent a space on a weekly basis is INSANE expensive. I decide that since I am moving out there with him for the adventure that maybe I should find a job. I start casually applying. Imagine my surprise when serious companies start contacting me for interviews. I am in a complete inner turmoil. Do I really want this? Do I want to leave my home, my family, my NIECES and NEPHEWS(???!!!!), my sister, MY SISTER!!!,  my friends, my job???? The answer then (and still occasionally now) was a resounding NO. NO. HELL NO. I loved my life in Texas. I was surrounded by amazing people who love me and who get me.

God has a plan. God has a plan for me. Thats really all there is to this. Despite the outrageous unknowns we were up against- no guaranteed job, no guaranteed living solution, no guarantees this was the right decision, we took the leap of faith. Once we committed to do this doors started flying open. God was literally paving the way for this to happen for us. We drove out here and Brian was job offered in less than 24 hours after arriving, I was able to set up a few interviews- I received multiple job offers. The job I finally accepted was willing to wait 2 months for me to arrive even though they had been trying to get some one in for an immediate start. We got called that there was an opening for a long term rv site rental 20 miles from Brians new job and 14 from mine! It doesn’t get closer than that out here!

So here I am now. A Texas transplant in San Francisco. To say this has been an insane chapter in my life is an understatement. To know that this is only the beginning, feels, terrifying, exciting, I don’t know. Im sure the longer i’m here I will have a better idea of how this will be. For now I am literally taking this one day at a time.