So I love to cook. I love to experiment in the kitchen. I like to try my hand at crazy recipes and then feel an enormous amount of pride when I deem them a success. Since I am now working out of a much smaller kitchen I have hardly cooked a meal one since coming to California. As a result of this  our eating out bill has been quite outrageous, but, we’ve gotten to try a ton of amazing restaurants. If you’re in my part of Cali here are my so far must try! 

This year, as I previously just mentioned, i’m not cooking. So for Thanksgiving we decided to dine in the city at McCormick and Kuletos. Located in one of my favorite parts of the city, right in front of Ghiradlli Square,I was thrilled to go eat there for Thanksgiving. Though, our dinner was not the most fabulous we’ve ever had the restaurant was beautiful and provided incredible views of the bay. I got scallops my FAVORITE and Brian got prime rib.

In the North Beach area, be sure to visit Barbara Pinseria. I covertly snapped a pic of the menu (below) so I would remember all the awesomeness it had to offer. We stopped in on Saturday after touring China Town and grabbed a quick round of appetizers and drinks. We got the Burrata and Prosciutto, 2 of my favorite foods ever, and, the Cozze & Nouja, or mussels in a yummy tomato sauce with sausage. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, I wanted to mention some of my Sausalito favorites. I may not have  pictures of the food but if you get the chance you must try the Barrel House. Located right on the water the second story restaurants provides charming views of Sausalito coupled with a fun interior atmosphere. The food was delicious, and slightly avant-garde in nature. It totally pleased the inner food critic inside me. As a true Texan I am still on the hunt for decent Mexican food. Tex-Mex forever. Cal-Mex, not so much. However, Saylors in Sausalito though nothing like the Mexican at home is still very good. With a hot habanero salsa and fresh and light ceviche it is definitely on my list.  Locally, here in Marin, the Farmshop has some of my favorites!  A hand tossed pizza dough that is thin and chewy perfection- I love the fennel sausage and wild mushroom and the Angry crab pasta has the BEST, literally, the BEST noodles I’ve ever consumed. I could live on noodles and these are in a league totally indescribable . Just trust me. If your in Marin go there. Try them.