Christmas reflections.

Now that Christmas and New Years have passed I have had a chance to reflect on all the insanity that 2018 brought to my life. Countless memories made on exciting trips to: St Croix, St. Thomas, North Carolina, Fredericksburg, Belize, New Orleans,  Tulsa, and California.  All of that topped off by an incredible summer where my grandmother came and stayed with me for two weeks, multiple concerts, and fun road trips to Austin for BBQ, a Safari tour in Franklin, and many more memories and moments.

Now that we are back in Cali from our whirlwind trip home to visit family and friends I have had an opportunity to put some of my fears about being out here to rest. It was good to be reminded that you can always go home.  It was also good to be reminded that my family will always be there for me. It doesnt make my homesickness for my family dimish but it does make it easier. There is truly no place like home. I am not sure I will ever not feel guilty for the moments I miss out on in my neices and nephews lives, but, hopefully, they will always know how important they are to me.

Friday, B and I celebrated our return to Cali with a fun date night out in the city. B met me at my office and we went appetizer and drinks bar hopping. Our first stop was at the Wayfare Tavern, we had delicious drinks and fresh bone marrow with blueberries. Being the big fans of bone marrow that we are this experience did not quite live up to some of the ones in past. However, over all good and I would definitely be willing to go back and try something new.  After that we went over to the Barrel House, it was packed and though we were able to steal a seat at the bar it was not an appealing location. Instead we thought we would try our luck at their tasting bar next door. We were informed we needed reservations, however, we could go behind the hidden sliding door to the underground speakeasy. Um… underground wine bar? Speakeasy decor? Yes please! Right up our alley. So we did. We ended up in a weird maze of underground rooms set up like a living room with couches and arm chairs and benches everywhere instead of tables and chairs.  We found a back room and being the friendly Texans that we are struck up a conversation with the locals in the room. We had a great time and I would love to go back. Although, I will admit that it did occur to me that should an earthquake strike being stuck in an underground bar would probably not be my first choice. Like would most definitely be my last choice. So, on to the next. We decided to try Leo’s an Oyster bar. We were NOT disappointed. And, I HATE to say it, but…. I think my oyster preference may be changing.

fztjUqLoSQiws7iO0oPJ0Q.jpgI will always love Gulf oysters…. but we have found a few varieties out here I REALLY like. Specifically the Humbolt Kumamtos- they are so fresh and clean. We decided to try 4 of 3 different varities and I always seem to like the kumamotos. After dinner we were server a super fun and unexpected treat! The restaurant finished our meal with a complimentary chocolate mousse topped with gold leaf. Nothing feels more decadant than chocolate and gold and wine. Not wanting our night to be over but knowing we needed to start heading back we left the food scene and headed towards the embarcadero so we could catch the ferry home. We decided on a very spur of the moment decision we would take a spin on the ice rink the city had set up for the holidays. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Neither of us fell even though the rink was packed! We took a few spins around the rink and called it a night.

I am glad we had the fun Friday night we had. When we got back B had to pack for storm and it was back to the life of a line wife. It has rained all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend. It has made for a rather low key and slightly boring weekend alone. We have been under an aerial flood advisory and multiple wind warnings. Hopefully and thankfully the worst is predicted to have moved out for tonight. Though, I belive there is chance for rain for like the next 10 days. Though I know we need the rain, so Im trying not to complain too much. The rain did provide the perfect opportunity for me to finish my blanket I had started crocheting in early decemeber.  As you can see Marlowe approves. I was very pleased with how this one turned out. The colors in person are a really pretty cream, olive and fuschia/wine/burgundy. I have no idea what the actual color is but its not nearly as red as it looks in the picture. Its much more purple. Till next time! -A4cClcTZYQgCyTuM4nkR8pA.jpg