Creative Crochet

As I have mentioned before, I am an old soul. I enjoy the relaxing and rhythmic work that crochet is. I also LOVE to start a project, but don’t always enjoy finishing a project. I enjoy the creative idea of deciding my next project and the beginning phases of creative said project. However, after the new excitement wears of I tend to struggle to finish my projects. I know this about me, so I stubbornly force myself to finish “most” projects that I start I am currently working on a new blanket for my bed. This WIP is one of my favorite blankets that I’ve worked up so far. Its almost entirely made out of the double crochet stitch and the pattern is one I found on Yarninspirations called the “Weekend Throw” by Red Heart. I’ve only altered it slightly so as to be larger, otherwise I am working the pattern as is. I am very pleased with how easy this pattern is to read and how complex and intricate looking this design is. Though, in actuality it’s very easy and requires little skill. I’ve also been impressed with other Red Heart patterns as they are super beginner pattern reader friendly. I tend to get a little bored with solid one color blankets. When I shop for blankets I always lean towards solid colors. Creating in solid colors gets boring. I am still currently debating between a mustard gold border or some shade of grey/black. For so long I felt like I should only crochet blankets in colors that matched my house. I recently decided to no longer hold myself to such a silly rule. I finished a beautiful rainbow granny square blanket that I gifted to one of my best friends young daughter. Pic posted below!

Not finished as pictured above, but adorable regardless!