“Where flowers bloom so does hope” Lady Bird Johnson

Texas wild flowers in bloom! I took this pic in a field near my house.

Spring has officially sprung and is on its way out. The flames of summer are just starting to heat up. During my unexpected tenure at home this spring, I ended up with 2, yes 2 (!) birds nests in my garage- they have hatched and left thankfully. It was quite the concern at night to close the garage, and quite the early mornings to get it reopened! However, as I sit here on my back porch I see some cardinals are building a nest in the quilt the kids and I use for picnics in the yard.

I am quite surprised by how much I enjoy and look forward to watching the birds in my backyard in the morning while I drink my coffee. I’m definitely an old soul at heart. So needless to say, I am thrilled to watch this nest be built and eventually hatch!

Spring has always felt like a time of new growth to me, and now more than ever. This spring, my grandmother became ill and eventually passed. And what is spring, if not the reminder of death and the encouragement of new life? I sit here and watch the cardinals and can’t help but be reminded of her. She loved birds. I remember as a kid she would somehow always find dead birds, and then weirdly and a bit morbidly display them on her desk for a while. I’m sure until she was tired of one of us kids harassing her about them. But, to her, it was a chance to study their beauty and delicacy without the fleeting quickness with which birds move. My grandma, though she loved birds she always respected the wildness of them and to my knowledge never owned a pet bird. So, though she has passed, I sit here and watch these cardinals build a nest for their soon to be new babies and I think of her. I think of how grateful I am for quiet moments like these to be reminded of her.