Pikes Place Market

In February of this year we were fortunate enough to go and visit Seattle. As I’m sure most of you remember this was when concerns over the corona outbreak were just peaking. The news everywhere was predicting what felt like mass extinction over the human race. Fast forward 3 months later, we now know, we will all be fine.  Since we went at the end of February  I knew up in the pacific northwest it would still be cold. I sometimes forget how much I hate the cold, then I’m stuck in it and quickly remember and realize how miserable it is. It was freezing on our trip and true to most pacific northwest experiences, drizzly or outright rainy for most of it. Despite the cold and the Corona concerns we had a great time in a beautiful city. 

We flew Alaskan airlines which before our trip I had not had much travel with, and was fairly pleased with the airlines and the planes. We landed in Seattle  and I realized in my distraction over the prior week and days leading up to our trip, we had forgotten to book a hotel! This ended up not being the calamity it could have been and we were easily able to get a room at the Marriot on the waterfront. Our hotel was centrally located that we were able to walk to just about everywhere we wanted to visit. That evening we walked down to an oyster bar for appetizers and drinks. Afterward, in our true fashion we ended up walking and eating small bites at 2 more restaurants. One of my favorite things to do when exploring is only to eat appetizers or share a small entrée and visit multiple types of dining establishments. It’s a really fun way to try a lot of new places and helps keep you from overeating. I will say, eating out this way can be quite spendy so keep your travel budget in mind. We ended up discovering this great, trendy, wine bar called Purple. We loved it there and ended up visiting it multiple times on our trip. Great wines, huge selection, and a great atmosphere. 

Saturday morning we went out early to explore Pikes Market. I had been to Seattle as a kid and had just a few fun childhood memories of the vacation. So I was surprised to see that the market is a multi-storied venue setup as both street vendors and inside shopping mall. The top of the market (level 7) is where the majority of the fun food experiences are. We awkwardly and weirdly stood around the famous fish throwing spot for a few minutes then would leave and come back and wait in hopeful anticipation…… sadly, we didn’t get to see them throw their fish. We did however, eat delicious street donuts, enjoy a decadent seafood breakfast in a pub overlooking the waterfront, ate random bites of food from vendors sharing their stalls delicacy, and of course, coffee. We were in Seattle after all. What I wasn’t expecting and what I loved the most at the market were the flower vendors. There were aisles and aisles of flower vendors selling beautiful blooms and bouquets. After stopping to admire a few I was astounded at how affordable some of the arrangements were priced that I had admired. Was I able to get flowers as reasonably priced as these at home, I would constantly have fresh bouquets in my home. We made a brief detour down to check out the famous gum wall. I have to say, I am not a fan. It was so disgusting, I could not walk more than a few feet into the alley without feeling like I was being attacked by disgusting germs. That was a been there, done that experience. 

When visiting a new city the best way to see it, is on foot. So we trekked quite a distance from the Market over to the Space Needle. It was thankfully not raining and we saw some super cute neighborhoods that I doubt we would have otherwise. While on our walk we passed a breakfast spot called Biskit Bitch that had a line out the door. So we were intrigued by this and made a plan to eat there on our last morning in the city. Fast forward to the last day, it was so good! We stood outside and waited for quite a while but the food was worth it. I will say, the music for so early in the morning was maybe a little much for me. It was loud, and vulgar, but as the name implies very fitting for the venue.  The Space Needle is an engineering feat and quite the accomplishment for the period in which it was originally constructed. The views from the top are beautiful and though a very obvious tourist trap a fun visit regardless. They have removed the rotating restaurant that you used to be able to eat at, and instead have replaced portions of the floor with huge clear glass so it feels as though you are stepping out onto nothing. The floor still rotates and its quite a trip to stand on the clear surface and look down as the world below you spins around. 

After the Space Needle we walked over the Chihuly Glass Museum. This ended up being far more fantastical than I could have anticipated. The glass artist Dale Chihuly has created fantastic huge blown glass art displays. They feel very much in the museum as though you Are Alice  and you just fell into Wonderland. They are gigantic, brightly colored, and lit from within and out. The rest of the room is in near darkness to make the sculptures more fantastic. I would highly recommend this. Even if you’re not into glassblowing or its not your thing, it creates a real sense of wonder and we both enjoyed it. After this museum tour, we walked across the street to the Pop Culture Museum. By this point, I was beginning to feel exhausted. This was another huge, multi-storied venue. Though full of very neat exhibits, I was ready to be done! I’m sure we had walked 6 miles or so by this point. We headed over to take the Ferry to Bainbridge Island. I very much wish we had made it there much earlier in the day. This tiny town was full of charm and quaint shops lining the main street. We stopped for dinner at Bruciato, a pizza place. This was hands down the 2nd best pizza I have ever had. The crust was deliciously thin and perfectly chewy. It was incredible. After dinner, we went on down to have coffee at the Instagram famous coffee shop, Pegasus. It was great, though, maybe not as amazing as some of the hype about it. 

Sunday morning we took an uber for a buffet breakfast adventure like I have never seen before. We went to eat at Salty’s on Alki Beach. This was also the most expensive breakfast I have ever had. They had a build your own Bloody Mary Bar with thousands of combinations that could have been created. From freshly shucked oysters to prime rib, and every breakfast pastry or dish you could imagine, it was a little overwhelming. The restaurant was waterfront and featured gorgeous views of the city. We spent the rest of this day just touring around.  We did an underground city tour where we learned a lot about the history of Seattle. We just enjoyed poking around and checking out new places. For dinner that evening, I had made reservations at the Pink Door. This is a “hidden” restaurant located down a side alley near Pikes Market. The restaurant feels very much like an early century cross between a speakeasy and a bordello.  Lots of deep purples and ornate gold décor.  We were lucky enough to have been there for one of the acrobatic performances. The restaurant has a center stage set up, however, there are bars and rings all around for the performers to do their routines on. It was a great time and would recommend anyone visiting check it out. Be sure to make reservations way in advance, it books up very quickly.