Stuffed Mushrooms

I always feel so stymied with leftovers. What to do with them, how to repurpose them. The other night I made meat sauce marinara. Before I added the marinara I scooped some of the ground beef out to save for later inspiration. Well today, inspiration struck. I was hungry. I bought some medium-sized portabella mushrooms the other day and I decided to stuff those with my leftover ground beef. I had leftover marinara as well and added some of that on top. I decided, I needed some kind of crunchy topping. So I used almond flour and chopped up some pecans mixed with herbs de province and regular Italian seasoning. Drizzled olive oil over the top and popped those in the oven under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Oh my goodness! They were so filling and yummy. I now think everything needs chopped pecans added. Since I started this diet I have used them in the most unique ways and I am quite impressed with how much yumminess I think they add. 

Since I started this restrictive diet, it’s been challenging for me to come up with quick easy meals. One of the ways that helped is having proteins already cooked and ready. Like my extra ground beef. I made a sweet potato for lunch the other day and went ahead and pre-baked the rest of the potatoes and popped them in the freezer so that I can have them on hand for when I need a quick and easy side. My stuffed mushrooms ended up being a super affordable and crazy easy lunch. Plus, putting them mushrooms in the muffin pan helped with serving size and keeping everything together and in the mushroom. If you try these let me know how yours turn out or if you like them!